Friday, September 19, 2008

About That Dirt....

Recall this post, and the charming state of my dog. Recalled? Right.

So, on Tuesday I found out how the little dear *grind teeth* is managing to get so filthy without, apparently, digging up much of the garden. Apparently.

There I was, sitting on the spare bed, enjoying the sunshine while I did some homework, when I heard this strange noise. I looked out the window. Nothing.

Then it sounded again.

Imagine my surprise - and yes, I confess, absolute amusement - when I saw the paddling pool, which is currently living upside down in the corner of the yard (notionally to prevent pup from digging there - OH the IRONY), wriggling. Yes, that's right, wriggling.

Alas, by the time I (very quietly) raced out, located the camera, and inched the bathroom window open, the Dreaded Yellow Labrat had made her way out and was staring up at me with a quizzical expression as I peered out the bathroom window. And, naturally, she wouldn't do it again all afternoon.

I did, however, nearly catch her in the act.

Yes, that's right. We haven't noticed her slow destruction of the yard because she's been hiding it under the paddling pool. Here's an earlier one of her dragging it over the edge of the retaining wall so she can later wriggle under.

Whatever shall we do with her?


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