Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last Night, In The Rain

At sixteen months, I'd have thought my dear puppykins was past keeping me up a night. Sadly, this is not the case.

Last night we had our first storm of the season (in SEPTEMBER! Since when do we have thunderstorms in SEPTEMBER?) went through the I-thought-old routine of lightning-thunder-bark, lightning-thunder-bark, Amy-gets-up-lightning-thunder-nobark-click-treat, lightning-thunder-nobark-click-treat. We went through this with the first few storms last season, especially a weird one that had no rain, very little lightning, and weird growly thunder. But she got used to thunder pretty quickly, and after the first few we had no problem. I think the two weeks in January where we had a storm every night desensitised her :) But it appears that after a year she's forgotten...


Murphy's law was very much in evidence: as soon as I'd decided she'd quietened and headed back for bed, after not barking for ten minutes she'd start up again. Or I'd get up at a crack of thunder, and there'd be no thunder for ten minutes until JUST as I was climbing back into bed. Mleph.

It also didn't help that the night was very very bright. She's always noisy for the three night around the full moon, because it's so bright she can see everything - and from our back-step-vantage-point, she has a lovely view of the surrounding four yards, replete with other dogs and many cats.

On the plus side, the storm was very pretty, and I discovered that one of the streetlights across the way shines through the kitchen window past a gum tree, making a beautiful pattern of light and shade on the kitchen wall :o) I tried to take a photo for you (yes, at 3am), but the camera's eye lets in significantly less light than my own, sadly.

So, that was my night last night, from about 1:15am until 3:30am. Who said dogs aren't good preparation for babies? :D


Emina said...

Aww. Poor puppy.

My dog was sorta like that when we first brought her home. But the storm was on the first night she spent in our house. The winds was horribly loud and the thunder shook everything. Ella was yelping and whining in her cage. We thought she had to go to the bathroom, so dad got all dressed and took her out in that storm! :O She started shaking like mad and curled in a ball so dad had to carry her back in. Then I took a pillow and blankey and curled up next to her crate so that she calmed down and fell asleep.

Amy said...

Aw, lil cutie!

Laura isn't really afraid of storms - she just likes to respond to the unknown by barking *goggle eyes*

To whit: the next door neighbour just walked out into his back yard, wearing a fluourescent orange work-vest. Laura? Barks. Oi. :)