Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kodak Moment

So, because I can't help myself (I think I'm addicted to blogging - I keep catching myself framing my thoughts in terms of blog posts!), I'll probably end up posting current things as well as the 'old' stuff until I'm caught up, which will in all likelihood mean more than two posts a week. Because, you know, I really need more things to do...

This, though, I just had to share. In fact, when I opened the door to it on Monday night, I closed the door again right away and called for Boy, because he just had to see.

This is what came galumphing up the stairs to greet me when I opened the door to take it dinner.

Dog? You call that a dog? I think it's a walking mud-bath, myself...

It was immensely funnier from my angle, opening the door to nothing, then seeing this flop up to the door, ears back in her 'I'm cute, don't harm me' expression. It is about to be less funny as I go prepare to let her inside for the night, and have to clean her off somehow...

Such is the joys of puppies. Which might mean two things, in fact. Such is the joy of having a pup, that we must clean up such messes - but such too is the joy of puppies, in that they don't care what others think, they don't mind how dirty they get, so long as they're having fun.

Of course, this can go too far - like it will in maybe a week when all the dirt is gone and she can wriggle under the back fence! But generally, I think that that is what charms us humans about dogs: their absolute inability to resist fun :)

Maybe next time it rains I'll go join her. If her attitude is anything to go by, a frolic in the mud might do wonders for the soul :)

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